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Sunday, October 6, 2013

admiration, awe and yum!

I have a friend who loves real life drama - meaning truth, non-fiction- I figured this out when she recommended "Into the Wild" a fascinating read, then movie.  I realized I too like the real life stories- the behind the scenes how do things work, get made, how did some one's path lead them to their current situation.  Of course this is why "reality TV" is so popular- human nature is to relate to the real. I won't go into the psychology of why this is today-  have some theories and would enjoy reading the professionals take too.  Reality for me is I don't love reality TV- I like to escape or take a break from the real world when watching TV.   I do enjoy a good non-fiction, in particular biographies- when I listened to books on tape in the car when traveling for work I LOVED autobiographies....real life drama at its best!!

Anyway I digress....this weekend I experienced a chapter in a real life story I've so enjoyed paying attention to in central Ohio!  AJ Perry is a friend of a friend.  The friend that started sharing AJ's story with me worked with her and raved about her marketing/graphic talent and baking talent.  In fact for my 40th birthday we were fortunate to be treated to AJ's gorgeous cookies and pies.  At some point a number of us took in the incredible Worthington Farmer's market where AJ and her bakery "Sassafrass" delighted the masses.  The bacon apricot scones were a huge hit one summer morning after a camp-out at MBCC and I lived on the kitchen sink granola bars.  Thanks to Facebook AJ and Sassafrass adventure and journey have been easy to watch. I was thrilled when she shared the news she would open a store in Olde Worthington. How impressive her pies are a feature on the Worthington Inn's offerings as her location is right next door and they are indeed that good!

When I figured out that Clare's Cross Country meet was in Worthington Saturday morning I knew I had to visit Sassafrass myself.  The experience exceeded expectation and was a happy component of a wonderful weekend.  The yummies are as yummy and beautiful as ever and the store is charming.  The antique pie plates are the ideal decoration for this bakery!!  All weekend I was in awe and hold so much admiration for those included.  Girl Power for sure- AJ and her entrprenural spirit and talent and Clare and her cross country and field hockey teammates showcased success due to hard work all around.  Life on Newark-Granville road is a bit sweater and more yummy with the treats from the farmers market- go if you can- it is awesome! Raspberries, Califlour and blocks of incredible produce, product and treats...even a few of our own beloved Granville Farmers Market favorites- Lucky Cat Bakery!! Life on Newark-Granville is real life shared- thanks for reading and being with us.

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