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Friday, October 11, 2013

busy fun in Granville!

Busy fun is Denison President, Adam Weinberg's Inauguration- will be special time for our alma mater.  Tomorrow- Vancake- Pancakes benefit for amazing guy/family in town- St. Eds.  Buy tickets in advance at Ross Market, Granville Inn....signs all over- awesome!  We love events like this.  Granville Inn- Chili Cook Off- always great time, great way to connect to the community- the cooking groups often are groups sharing their message and supporting our community!  And Rummage sale at FPC- brown church on north west corner....great stuff will be there and good things doing good work- supports the youth activities of our church- mission work!

Details in our paper- Granville Sentinel! Have a great day and weekend we will- Life on Newark-Granville Road is busy and full and fun!  Hope to see you at some of these events - reality is we can't do it all- sports in our busy day- so go and tell me all about it!!

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