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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

with the return of the crock pot!

Dinner tonight was a whole chicken put into the "slow cooker" as I was rushing out the door- a cup of water, some seasoning....poultry, salt and pepper....I admit it wasn't my best meal. It was all starch- corn, rice and peas were served with it....but at least we sat around the table and had meat and potatoes...well rice- kids like rice better than potatoes.  Last week it was pork in the crock pot and the week before that- Joe found the Italian Beef recipe and got us restarted with the crock pot. We even did a test with the old one- figured out it wasn't getting hot enough.  Joe bought a new one for his dinner.  Yay Joe!

I really do best with routine.  At work I try to give myself the same "to do list" in general terms. Answer email, work on a project, walk to the floor, check in with co-workers, telephone calls, project, repeat.....A saving grace for dinners was at one point- Monday- meat, Tuesday-Tacos or food-fetti or pasta (things that could easily make a mess), Wed was go out- cleaning person on Wednesdays (hence messy food night prior), Thursday casserole, Friday pizza or ?....This really worked and I need to get back to it.  

What I am back to is using the crock pot early in the week.  I love my Sundays when I update "life at the Leithasuers this week" and then meal plan accordingly, make the list, go to the store.  Meat on Mondays provides left overs and base for other meals- like the fajitas with the pork.

Yes exciting life on Newark-Granville Road huh....pot roasts in the slow cooker!  A good friend bought me a crock pot cookbook for Christmas...I need to dig it out- have the kids help me identify and prepare some meals! The reality is we sit down around the dining room table with these meals and that is what really makes me happy on Newark-Granville Road.

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