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Thursday, October 3, 2013

lots of activities in Granville this weekend....

Newark-Granville Road is Broadway- our quintessential main street.  And it will be the perfect backdrop to celebrate where we live- home coming is this weekend for Denison and Granville!  Okay- not really homecoming for Denison anymore- Big Red Weekend- parents weekend, gatherings of special groups (infinity- teams and such), wonderful special events and people in from out of town that we'll be thrilled to see!  Yes Joe and I are both alums- Class of 1990.  And Granville High School had their parade last night, the week has been filled with spirit, a special game tomorrow evening and and a memory making evening out on Saturday.  GREAT people watching on Newark-Granville Road for sure- making life here so much fun.  And as you know always full...the ironic thing...I'll be in Columbus for most of the weekend.  So each evening when I return I'll be welcomed home.  I have no complaints about this- I love the opportunity to be with Clare and wonderful active teammates/friends for cross country and field hockey on both Saturday and Sunday in Worthington, Dublin and Worthington.  We'll camp out Saturday night at our own home away from home- MCC- to create our family's special memories.  If I were not being the responsible mother, I'd be at my other beloved home away from home- The Works. The Works takes flight again with an outstanding program- YAA- young aviation adventures.  How wonderful that almost 50 students will add STEM learning through flight to their education.....Amazing activities...including a fun antique sale at Robbins Hunger down the street....keeping Life on Newark-Granville Road filled with history and friendship that makes the now all the better!

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