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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


But this is no Mickey...this is a bat without wings...Okay maybe he is a little sweet...but he is in my house..inside...eating the dogs food like it is a buffet.

yes Life on Newark-Granville Road- real and personal and ICKY- a mouse is in the house.  I have always said I have two brains- I see things two ways..I'm conflicted.  The rational side of me goes back to 3rd Grade and the fun of Ralph and the Motorcycle...Miss Dorsey- later Mrs. Rankin- had the best classroom. It was the mouse house and it was darling.  And I bought into all the fun literature with mice.  And part of me thinks they are sweet. And yes Mickey and Minney are darling...but then reality hits home and Mickey and Minnie look nothing like real mice...and real mice scamper and are germy and bring the outside in....and I think of Ratatouille and rats...and if there is one.......EWWW!

So Joe says he does this every year...the mouse traps come out, it is fall and here they come and thanks to Joe...out they'll go.  Griffey put his nose in a trap- he's learning.  Silly bark no warning no care about the mouse in the house today.

So what brought on this rampage?  I stopped to walk the dog after lunch today- was reading the mail at the counter and heard....scratch, scamper, tititititi and looked around and there was a little brown gray mouse slight as could be quick quickly going by around the corner of the wall to the dogs food bowl, um and in, nibble nibble and back out quick as can be reversing the order....and then he did it again. At least I hope it was him again..not another one coming to the buffet- them taking turns, tag teaming it...I hope he was filling his cheeks like a squirrel and taking the free food back to the nest...oh yes- that is where my brain went - nest- baby mice waiting for their food....My real side will show through- plug the whole, bring out the tramps- get rid of them now.  This house with the kids, the counters, the dropped food is a smorgasbord for them....Life on Newark-Granville Road- never dull!

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