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Monday, October 21, 2013

what does the...crab..?...say....

Tonight was fun- we started our quest for the Halloween costumes/outfits.  I asked the kids on the way - what do you all remember being for Halloween?  Clare rattled off the most and fond memories came rushing back to me!  We talked a bit about this earlier and Peter said..I guess I was a crab once.  Yes that was my favorite- Clare was the fisher girl with the cutest yellow rain coat and round floppy hat ever- I found it on line and they've all worn that coat for years and years...Peter was in all red and a crab hat in the wood wagon- the crab trap!  Peter remembers being Cookie Monster- we got (or Nana got Clare Cookie) when Peter was Elmo. He was a rock star- kids came at him from all over, jumped up and down, pointed, ooohed and ahhed, pulled at their mother's skirts - so much fun. That was the year it was 90 degrees and the poor kid asked for water instead of Candy or "trick or treat" we kept him going....I laugh out loud remembering that fun evening.  It worked well for Sally and Peter was my favorite when he donned Cookie to match her.  Clare recalled Nerd, Iphone..I remember her first costume as a ladybug- I was so proud of the fact I bought it at the IGA - crossed it off my list and it was sentimental- she arrived in October with the lady bugs.  Sally hmm I'm going to need to go back to my photos...she replied in the car  "witch"...and she is right she's been a witch many times.  We usually just find something fun for her in the costume pile downstairs...I did buy her a new hat and some accessories for the witch one year.  The year we did a fun Charlotte's web with friends was pretty awesome.  We talked Peter into doing something fun that year..need to dig out the pictures.

My usual m.o. is to be practical, get things for the costume we can use again or find at the house.  I LOVE partner and groups.  My own Halloween memories on Forrest drive are good- Sarah was a ghost once and we led her was the year my parent had friends visiting and we went out on our own.  Mom had mouse costumes made so yes one year we were the three blind mice. Later a friend and I were country and city mouse....I got to be city with a cigarette and champagne glass and pearls....hmmm I think I've blogged about this before..oh well....fond memories....We had great success with practical things for Peter's costume and have some ideas for Sally...she is "sleeping" on one...a girl can change her mind for a costume in the next 10 days.  Clare probably won't dress up this year..need to keep it festive for her.

Life on Newark-Granville road- never dull and always filed with stories and things to share- thanks for reading! Blog title tonight- we're singing "what does the fox say" all the time...I begged Peter to be a fox...he was so good as it in the Kindergarten Gingerbread man play....but no- when we finalize their costume's we'll change the words to be "what does the ?" say.....always guessing on Newark-Granville Road!

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