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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pot luck yummies!

A few pot-lucks in my life this week.  Just down the road we had a fun pot-luck at church.  It really was a special evening.  Super nice group of people, happy kids in costumes, some adults in biblical inspirations- the old penguin costume with Harold (my stuffed penguin from my 21st birthday) took a ride.  Joe made a delicious Asian Slaw salad and I took chocolate mint penguins to round out the theme.  I don't think there was much chocolate on the arc.

Tomorrow we pot-luck at work!  I have very fond memories of work pot-lucks from my URPA/Colwell House days...that group could cook!  I picked up some yummy recipes from those days...Lyn's grape jelly/bbq sauce meatballs come to mind.  Janice is keeping us festive- she brought in the Frankin-berry, Boo-Berry cereals to use for inspiration.  I accepted and tonight put together these treats:  s   They're a little too sweet for me but they're festive.

I'm also taking a salad with roasted pumpkin seeds to balance and offer a healthy contribution.  Speaking of healthy and festive- at church someone did the clementine pumpkins- peeled with a tic-tac as the stem- tooo cute!  I'll remember those for sure!

Pot lucks are something I do love as it is about sharing, and breaking bread together, and being around the table as family.  I'm lucky to have great places this happens in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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