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Monday, October 28, 2013

celebrate good times....

Tonight the celebration is good grades...woo hooooo! Clare is very pleased with herself and the results of studying, keeping organized and testing well. She asked to go to Josie's and I said yes.  Bonus was Peter remembering that Josie's gives 4 oz free yogurt for 3.0 and above....and guess what- Peter qualified too- woo-hoo!  Sally is progressing- the new rating for elementary school- no more 1-2-3-4s...I think that is what it wasn't we get P for making progress, N for needs improvement, M for mastering and E for exceeding.  Sally even rated an E in one skill/concept....Economics!  My sister in law asked if Joe has been reading the Economist to her?  Reality is the teacher did an awesome job in using real life lessons- making and selling popcorn and products- and Sally embraced it.   I'm fine with this as it does align with what the kids hear on Newark-Granville Road- make progress.  We're also big on- try your best, work hard.  Clare also is trying out for the Middle School Basketball team.  She had a good day- feeling good about what she was able to do on the court- doesn't get much better than that.  It feels a little like Xmas eve- anticipation.  They're all winners right now- trying out, going for it.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves to celebrate.

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