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Monday, September 30, 2013

Loves a Birthday.......

I admit it- I love a birthday! I love to celebrate and tonight we did just that....and we'll keep the fun going tomorrow on Clare's real birthday when she turns the official 13!  We're also preparing for friends birthdays...and I called a friend on her birthday today....hmmm probably a reason I like Facebook- nice to share people's birthdays so easily!

So what is going on here for Miss Clare Catherine Leithauser's birthday...which is tomorrow...but due to our schedule we did our family thing tonight.  Clare asked for take-out Chinese, a mint chocolate chip ice cream - Oreo cake just like I made years ago and that is what we had for dinner on Newark-Granville Road tonight- after piano lessons, with the dog barking and math homework waiting.  Clare also opened awesome gifts. One from a dear friend that came to visit, family that sent early-something I rarely do- and a very special gift from her father and me...her first phone.  Times are a changing....we've waited as long as we could but it feels like the time is right.  She was soooo happy when she opened it and rolled with our rules and foolery- it was a lovely night.

Just like it was the night we became parents and I became a mother.  Octoberfest at the Leithausers was wonderful- on Clare's actual due date.  We went home to our darling house on Mulford in Granview and I kept waking up and then it hit me...I'm waking up because I'm in labor.  Eventually I woke up Joe and we called the Dr- he said wait a bit or come in and we'll have you walk and then settle in for the arrival.  I encouraged Joe to go back to sleep (he needed to) and I went downstairs and took care of some to-dos, tidied my desk, prepared for the rest of the week, took a shower and then woke up Joe and said- lets go!  It was a Sunday. We didn't call my family until we were checked in as we didn't want it to be a false alarm...but sure enough by mid morning they started their way west.  We had to call them at noon to say slow down you aren't going to make delivery- this baby is coming faster than anticipated. By 1:15 pm we learned we had a girl!  We went in with three names we both liked- the short list- I took one look and knew she was Clare.  (Yes I named her and Peter...Joe named Sally!!)  Birthdays are great for the birthday person but sooo special for the Moms. I'm sure it is a great day for the Dad's too. Joe was awesome with Clare's gift this year and with is a great Dad.  I remember the first moment I watched Clare react to Joe's voice...I get teary just typing about it.  I love each of my children's birthdays...and my nieces/nephews...and my god-daughters and friends' children....I love birthdays and all involved with them.  And when they're involved with life on Newark-Granville Road they're all the more special!

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