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Saturday, November 2, 2013

lets hear it for the parents.......real life Saturday morning....

Real life snap shot......Saturday morning sleep in...woo hoo! So rare and special- nothing scheduled this Saturday morning. And if there was I and I missed it- don't tell me!  I'm LOVING my morning.  I didn't get out of bed until I heard the coffee grinder.  I'm like a cat and the can opener.  I just looked out the front window- perfect timing- here rides Peter (helmet on!!) from town- he wanted coffee shop and we said no.  He whined and we still said no. He said can I ride my bike?  I said- not to River Road but to town...and he said OK.    He walked in the door- "HELLO EVERYONE, THAT WAS A GOOD BREAKFAST"...I saw the Millers, and Sam and the Kurtz.....

I'm also smelling yummy waffles Joe made for Sally.  Clare is sniffly with a cold so I will run out to get her some OJ and isn't happy about walking Griffey.  Sally - not sure what Saly is up to- I had an early morning hug- she is our earliest riser.  Laundry is on the to-do list as is basic catch up with Blogs, email.....and maybe a quick run with the dog for me.

Oh- so my topic- lets hear it for the Parents.....quick review of highlight of yesterday- my last Elementary School Halloween Party!   These parties happen because of the parents and awesome teachers that create a classroom atmosphere and coach the parents.  I've come a long way....

I remember the awkward Valentines Party I signed up to help with when Clare was in Pre School.  It was a disaster.  I spent way too much time prepping a play list for the CD (Ok I still love to run to that play list.)  There was miscommunication all around with the teacher. I took time off of work and ended up sitting in the hall most of the morning....and I don't remember much else.   And I just asked Clare- she remembers nothing about it.  I remember leaving saying to myself...I plan successful events all around the country, yet I can't execute a party for 4 year olds.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I've learned some things.  And I've learned these things from my fellow parents and friends. 1. Don't take responsibility for the whole party unless you really want to and know what you're doing with this age group and have a good relationship with the teacher.  2. Find an activity that you really like to offer- offer it and if they say yes- do it.  For me it is the "potions/experiments"beverages.  I saw a mom present this as a witch with potions- she was dressed up and had all sorts of bottles with powders-she was excellent!  The next year I borrowed it and had fun.  The next year I transformed it to "Mad Scientist" since I worked at The Works.  What fun!  I was so pleased yesterday when setting up a classmate of Sally's said- are you doing that again? with a happy expectation tone!  And Sally being pleased and grateful I was part of the fun.   Of course anyone that saw me at Walmart at 1:10 was shaking their head..I was getting those powders and Sally's panda tummy....but that is me and my life on Newark-Granville Road!  3.  Be OK when it doesn't doesn't work for everyone.  Some class chemistry isn't the party thing...I've heard this from other friends and experienced it myself.  I lucked out this year.  I don't get to be in the classroom much and I value the chance to walk the halls and see the interactions happening.  I love this Granville Elementary tradition of the parade and greeting friends and seeing all the kids- kids I see at the pool, on the bus, on the playing field, at their costumes.  I'm so impressed with the control Sally's teacher has in the classroom and the respect she has from the students. She playfully teaches and bonds with them in impressive ways.  I'm thankful to the parent that brought the good toilet paper for the mummy game.  The kids had a blast wrapping one another up...but the highlight was the team effort and smiles as they made Ms Browning into a Mummy.  Lots of parents chipped into make it fun- crafts, games, snacks galore- happy energy yesterday in that classroom.  And the take-home favor really made me smile...good ole PCA!  PCA helps soooo much at The Works - the corrugated puzzle/cut-out activities help make STEMfest and other events extra special.  Sally lucked out and took home a coffin....see the picture- very cool!  Lets hear it for that Dad linking work and school!

My life on Newark-Granville Road is rich and I'm grateful for the time this morning to reflect, share and soak in the joy.

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