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Sunday, November 17, 2013

and the lost shall be found......   Shout out to the Licking County Animal Shelter today...and all those involved with supporting dog and owner on Newark-Granville Road.  Not Griffey this time...but we've been there- we know that dread, frustration, fear that goes with missing pets. And the gratitude and relief when dogs are found and home.   Last night and today we were part of the team and supported dog and owner.  I was able to see first hand all those involved and I extend my gratitude here.  I have to call out the incredible care and involvement by the LC Animal Shelter- not only for the dog but the dogs' owner.  It is so good to see good people doing good work and I see a lot of it on Newark-Granville Road.

Church was really good today too- about keeping God's light shining in many ways- through gifts, talent, time.  Denison students and profs provided incredible music - blue grass- toe-tapping, smiling-bringing, sweet harmonies and voices and string picking that makes the Spirit soar.  My children asked to go to the 8:30 service for communion and I was rewarded with music.  It was also good to be together to ask for prayers for those that are lost and need help.  I certainly need help and appreciate the time to focus, reach out and be comforted.  I know first hand hand how many need so much more help than I do and how I can help.  I am grateful not only for what I have to care for my family and me, but for the efforts I'm part of- my church, The Works, my friendships and community that care and support.  Thanks for reading and being part of that help that allows to know I'm not lost, but very much at home on Newark-Granville Road.

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