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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Figure Eights over and over......

I admit the week has had its stress and as much as I wish I could roll with it, ride the wave, sit loosely people know when I'm dealing with stress. There is a lot to do at work, at home- all good, all important but just a lot at once.  And then I'm given a wonderful reminder of the good work that is being done and I soak it all in and I am able to roll with it again.....THANK YOU OSUN, Campus Compact and the Pay It Forward Program!  What a treat it was to visit the geography class today and learn about students hands-on learning about philanthropy, industry in our community, heritage of glass and so much more!

Students were given opportunities to volunteer at The Works, The Heisey Museum and with Licking County Recycling.  Then these organizations applied for Grant funds and the students determined financial awards.  Today we received our rewards- not only financial but the lessons they've learned and relationship appreciation- it was amazing to experience first hand.

So why do I consider the time in the classroom figure eight material?  First as I explained to the students- Howard LeFevre.  This OSU alumnus was no doubt smiling on us today.  He created the works and OSU-N/COTC because of his high regard for education and life long learning.  He and Marcia created a thriving hands-on learning experience.  So for the two to meet today, for hands-on experiential learning about industry to happen as part of an OSU-N class @ The works- what could be more figure eight than that!  The other fun for me was I'm working on a grant report.  A report that is to showcase deep learning.  There is no doubt about it- deep learning is happening with the students today. Deep appreciation and understanding of philanthropy, community pride, innovation, natural resource value and many other concepts from the classroom I valued learning about today!

And finally anthropology!  I'm so pleased to share we received an amazing check (pretend for now) signed by each student to support The Works Anthropology Camp and Programming coming soon!!  We've had a great experience with a dig at the canal's lock no 9 site and Allison was with us as a counselor.  Now she is back and bringing her passion and field of study with her- Anthropology returns!  And these students and this program made it happen- with great team work of our education and development team- woo hoo! Figure eights all over the place..making Life on Newark-Granville Road an in-motion joy of learning, connecting, giving and receiving!

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