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Saturday, November 9, 2013

only 9:30 and happy happy happy!

So how did I get so happy by 9:30......
1. Beautiful Sunrise- soft pinks, grays, tangerines......
2. Exercise! with friend time- double happy happy!
3. Awesome breakfast- for the kids with Joe and take out from FPC's Holiday Harvest Fair- for me!!! The spinach egg casserole is divine! The coffee cake is a treat...miss making those.
4. Shopping with Clare at FPC's Holiday Harvest Fest!!  I wasn't going to go until later....but Clare said last night- let me know when you friend and I were remembering the past happy times when I returned from walking the dog....Clare and I hopped in the car and popped in- so glad we did!  I love when she says..I love the food there!
5.Clare picked up an old compass- made me smile- she checked it against her i-phone compass....
6. I bought a new spooner! Life on Newark-Granville Road introduced me to spooners....a friend and neighbor uses I was on the look out for mine.  I found one a few years ago at above mentioned FPC Harvest Fest- didn't love the glass pattern but wanted it for function.  Yes I keep my spooner on my counter- you always need spoons- cereal, soup, scooping peanut butter, etc....just in time- always ready.....I bought a new spooner today!! Anyone need a spooner? If not I'll donate the old one back to the Grandma's Attic area of the holiday fair!
7. I bought all sorts of other little happy things....grapefruit spoons....for the spooner....fair trade chocolate for gifts, very cool craft bowls made out of recycled paper- go green, and some other misc things....All of this things are made or procured with love and support mission and the amazing effort of the women of our church.
8. I walked through our church and was greeted with love and care. The energy there is beautiful and I'm grateful a friend and daughter pointed me there.
9. Yesterday was an amazing day- amazing- wrapped up with beer and burger and sharing it with Joe.
10. Today is work day- house projects, Nutcracker project, and family movie night!
Yes Life on Newark-Granville Road is happy happy happy......

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