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Thursday, November 21, 2013

next two weeks.......

On Monday I had one of are we going to get through the next two weeks....and not because I dread them- I love them. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love that I'm hosting my families this year, I love that Sally is dancing in the Nutcracker. I LOVE the theme for Holiday Homecoming and this amazing event.  It just all that has to be done with that, along with, the regular work and extra things we're juggling like interviewing Grant writers that adds up.  You all know what I mean- you feel it too. I truly don't need to hear how many days until Christmas as that will put me over the edge as Tgiving is late and Xmas will come early.....but I can't go there- I have to stay in the Thanksgiving place.  The place about being grateful and appreciating and gathering family and friends.

I can only do this with extroverting about it- hence this blog post. Extroverting with Joe about it as we lay in bed in the morning- he's on his phone and I've got my eyes shut hoping to get a tiny big more peaceful nothing in...other than brain time juggling concern....but with a hug and a kiss we say- we'll get through it.  I need to find a new phrase- getting it through it isn't what I want- I don't want to miss it. So much joy and happiness comes from it...I just need to coach myself and accept and roll with it....oh yes....Sit Loosely in the Saddle...Ride the Wave....embrace the day....embrace the busy....I'll get there....maybe we'll talk about it at dinner- the kids can help me with a mantra!! Maybe we'll find something basketball in the zone?  We're in transition mode- I haven't figured out who goes where how with all 3 playing basketball- we'll get there- coaches are communicating- woo hoo! I'm grateful for parent partners who give rides and figure it out with me.  I'm grateful for parent coaches leading and giving our kids these opportunities. I'm grateful for all that is happening with Sally's Nutcracker experience- I hope you've purchased your tickets- call the Midland- so many great efforts- the youth and their leaders put on an amazing show- Tgiving weekend Fri 8 pm, Sat matinee and evening 7:30 and Sunday Matinee.  I'm grateful for all Stoners and Leithausers making their way to Granville for our assigned celebrations and support of Sally. I'm grateful for the coworkers and colleagues, volunteers and donors- doing such good things for The Works.  I'm grateful for the friends that join me in sitting loosely on Newark-Granville Road.

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