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Monday, November 11, 2013

with no phone......Cell Phone that is!

Yup- went "old school" today.  Not on purpose, Joe accidentally took my phone with him to work. So here is snapshot of Life on Newark-Granville Road today.....

1. Figured out phone was missing.  When leaving, as how could one possibly leave one's home without their phone.  I was taking Sally to 8:30 Orthodontist appointment. I hate to be late and to me when you are a new patient you arrive early.  So I was frantically looking for the phone.  This feels like a strong word but when I think back on my going up and down the stairs, calling the phone state...a "frantic light" or "frantic-ish" describes it well.
2.  Did well in appointment without the phone.  Good things I did fill out forms ahead of time- phone holds data needed- like Joe's cell phone number.  Talked with Sally, enjoyed the waiting room photos. I'm sure you all missed me on facebook today!
3. Took Sally to school, left a note for a teacher to call me on my cell- whoops- hope Joe answers my phone today.
4. Went home to look for the phone - because again- how do people survive without the phone....and I HATE TO LOOSE THINGS!  I had used the phone in the am, I knew it was in the house, I wanted to find it.
5. I looked everywhere and determined that someone had taken my phone- if it was a child they would be grounded for the rest of month.  Sally even looked in her back-pack to make sure..I was already thinking this when I left the house with Sally.  Bad mother not trusting my children.....
6. I called Joe to warn him I didn't have a phone and ask him to make sure he answers his phone today in case emergency calls- school, etc....
7. Joe answered his phone and told me he had my phone.  Phew.  He was very very apologetic.  I told him okay. He immediately told me he had called a co-worker (who was off today) and tried to call The Works...but no one answered, but he didn't do the prompts to get to my extension.  We moved on to plans for communicating with me the Works- ext 234 to talk to me before 2.  After 2 leave messages at home, I would try to be home by 4 to engage with kids.  Joe also gave me updates on texts, I gave him verbiage to reply, etc....
8. I left the house knowing I hadn't lost my phone.  I left the house kind of relieved Joe was on phone duty and I wouldn't be distracted by it.  (I certainly missed interaction it gives me but it felt like a vacation- a break!!)
9. Okay some people do use the phone for function and scheduling- rides to basketball for Clare, piano lesson- flexibility in scheduling due to aforementioned basketball practice.  But someone both happened without my communications.

No doubt there is a healthy lesson in this and I'll embrace it.  But for now know I'm without my cell phone until Joe is home.....we'll see how basketball practice pick up happens......oh I can call him- we still have a land line!! We've talked about getting rid of it...then there are days like this in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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