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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Smiles.....

Just some ramblings today to document and share life on Newark-Granville Road.....right now I listen to Peter playing the trumpet to psych himself up for the Michigan game...yes in the midst of all this Ohio State world I have a Michigan fan. He just walked by with a blue and yellow helmet, blue and yellow sweats and a red jacket playing...da-da-da-da-d...lets go his Mom I'm just pleased I can tell the tune and it makes me smile not cover my ears!

Great morning at work- such talent, such incredible volunteers, such good energy of learning all @ The Works!!!  Connections galore too- figure eights working well!

Neighbors helping neighbors means a great deal to me today too.  I reached out for assistance and had immediate response- smiles with tears- lots of pain out there but progress, laughter and smiles mixed in to help healing and provide hope.

On facebook last night I posted the picture I put out on the blog just now- Matthew Watson Stoner- my brother- 16 months younger than me.  Clare and Peter are 18 months how I replicated my family pattern- my sister Sarah and our daughter Sarah are the "babies"!  Someone said recently I don't talk as much about Matthew as I do Sarah.  No reasons for this- I love them each deeply and am grateful and can't wait for them to arrive...Tgiving in Gville!  So another smile- a photo from a beach tradition the ferry to Ocracoke- Matthew and Dawn- love them!

Oh and last night's movie night- we ended up with "Firehouse Dog" Clare dvr-ed it and it was darling..I cried, laughed smiled with my babies.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is just like that but usually ends up with smiles one way or another.

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