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Saturday, November 23, 2013

singing out loud......

tonight is a night to cherish!  Clare and I hurried up and did our work so we could go see "Catching Fire"- movie.  How nice that my teenager...13!!...Okay with going to a movie with me.  We both read the books. Joe and I took her to the first one- hard subject/topic-the 2nd one is more collaborative and has a better feel.

Then we met the family at MCC for dinner.  It started a bit rough with goofy behavior. A delicious meal was had and enjoyed. Nice group in there and when it was down the the last three parties- all people we really enjoy- the kids were themselves- singing in quiet with earphones in making us all smile.  By the very end- headphones out and pure sing-along dance party in the MCC dining on Newark-Granville is filled with laughter, music and love.

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