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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

when I grow up......

I'm sure I've blogged about this before and I should of asked my kids before they went to bed to document their perspective at this moment.....what do they want to be when they grow up?  The inspiration for the blog entry tonight-  the Licking County Career Fair today!  Every 9th grader in Licking County visits Denison's Mitchell Center with a full gamut of careers represented.

This is an impressive undertaking by CTEC- not just the coordination, logistics, recruiting, preparation. But also the way it is executed with their student staff hosts- such hospitality, smiles, eye contact, professionalism from young people today- wow!

Unfortunately not many people stopped to talk to The Works.  This was my first year and maybe we needed to do a better job of making our table reflect the fun of our jobs?!  When I think back to what I wanted to be in the 9th grade....Development Director, Museum Director wasn't on the list- I'm not sure the young Susan Stoner would of stopped either.  Where would I have gone.....I remember wanting to be an orthodontist.  I didn't have braces?  Looking back it makes sense, now that I have a daughter with braces and impressive orthodontics practice (Crock Orthodontics) it is about people and process.  Dr. Crock has a great staff and wonderful processes- innovation, technology, relationships all tie to that as well. But at 14 I had no knowledge of why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. It sounded good.  I wonder how many of those students today will go into law enforcement- they all walked right by us and right up to those impressive police dogs and folks in uniform!

While we sat and watched the 9th grade world go by we chuckled about dress code, uniforms and reminisced about what we wore in the 9th grade. Button downs, LL Bean Blutchers, jeans....button fly for me probably.  Not what they were wearing today....short skirts, tight leggings, short in front, long in back skirts, jeans with holes, I went in expecting professional dress- but that wasn't a realistic expectation- pulled together school outfits were what I altered my perspective too and they looked pretty good.  Okay not the jeans with holes, but the bow ties and jackets, and belted dresses all made me smile. Just as I shook my head at flip flops on Denison students, I shake my head at short skirts with no hose/tights. But how quickly I forget going without socks in January making the trek down skin hill and up to fraternity row.  I took some notes to share but the phone needs to charge...I was impressed with the lack of cell phone use and energetic interaction within their groups.  I just wish there had been more interaction with us!

I was there because I believe in those kids. I'm working for those kids- each of them! Licking County has so much to offer- careers, preparation for life- here or anywhere!  There is so much to be inspired by and qualities and values to carry them to happy successful endeavors- no matter what their career choices.  Life on Newark-Granville Road isn't where I planned to be when I was in the 9th grade but I'm glad this is where I've landed.

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