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Sunday, November 24, 2013

innovation and change.....

I love innovation.  My father would sit around the dinner table with us and talk about inventions.  It is no wonder I work at a museum built around innovation and invention.  But reality I don't always embrace the change innovation demands, but it makes its way in to my life and I embrace it.

Silly thing- the grapefruit knife.  I was shopping at the church mission fundraiser Holiday Harvest event- the Grandma's Attic boutique is a favorite.  When buying silver knifes, grapefruit spoons!!! and ultimately the full length mink that keeps me super warm today..I also went with the $1 grapefruit knife when given the chance.  I had seen it but thought- who needs that- innovation- a serrated knife works just fine.  Reality is the regular old teaspoons work too but the silver antique is kind of a thing I love....going back in time and a utensil for everything, knowing their purposes- very cool. But the modern knife to do a task- nah. However in the name of mission and the low price of $1- I brought it home.  I used it today- wow! How cool- one end has two blades parallel to sever the flesh perfectly- so one movement replaces two- reduction of footsteps/handsteps!!  Then on the flip side of the tool is a curved blade to easily and quickly make the next movement.  Reality is I probably saved all of 10 seconds but it was fun to hold innovation in my hand.

IOS7.....I've been avoiding it on my i-phone. But I cracked my screen yesterday- ARGH- and it just drove me nuts to have it like that...Joe agreed I could take the time and funds to replace it.  Clare used an old one of mine that was broken/cracked as an itouch for years- drove me nuts. I don't think of myself as OCD and I live with not so perfect things everywhere...but not on the phone.  The service at the apple store started a bit shakey but it was in part to my being in a hurry and the not wanting to pay the ridiculous price for a new screen.  Turns out they don't even replace the screen- the replace the whole phone.  Lets hear it for automatic backup with the "cloud"...who knew I was even doing that...the cloud totally baffles me and was what was keeping me from going to IOS7 as I have all these photos on my phone that were on my computer and I thought were taking up space that wouldn't allow me to easily go to the IOS7....well the new phone came with the IOS7 on it so when my phone downloaded my back-up from my cloud (is this a fairy tale) there it was...we'll see how it goes...innovation galore at that Apple store- wow!

So there is a sneak peak at my life on Newark-Granville Road...innovation and change for me. I'll keep you posted on how it goes....but know if you're going to replace the screen- it isnt' cheap and will take longer than you anticipate.

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