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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Favorite Desserts.....

What are your favorite desserts?  In my life on Newark-Granville Road- ice cream has to be at the top of the list.  The kids eat more Whit's than anything else.....okay maybe when the candy jar is full (Halloween, 4th of July, that is empty as they didn't collect as much this trick-or-treat and the punishment of throwing away a handful for every wrapper I found on the ground expedited emptying the jar).  Cookies don't last long around here either- homemade- chocolate chip, thumbprints, need to make some molasses cookies/ginger snaps- they like the store bought or bake sale version of those.  Joe and I really like Flan...helped Clare make it for her Spanish Class event.  We lucked out and had left overs.....not thinking flan would be that popular with the 7th graders? I follow my father and like tapioca- has to be made from scratch with whipped egg whites.  That meringue and chocolate mouse layer thing I made years ago with friends was INCREDIBLE a top ten dessert for me.  I love a good cream puff-puff pastry in general.  Good ole birthday cakes- chocolate with chocolate or angel food and fruit- no frosting....yummmm  We don't eat as much pie here but do enjoy it. Aunt Ann makes a really good one! Pecan is my favorite.  When we have fresh berries we'll make buckle or muffins or crumble. A good peach cobbler is pretty darn good too.....Reality is desserts are for special occasions- we didn't have dessert every day growing up and I've carried that over to my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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