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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

inspirational lessons.....

A big thank you to the friend that gave me the opportunity to hear Liz Murray speak tonight.  WOW!   Here is one small taste of what was shared tonight...I will buy and read her book- "Breaking Light"....I will apply some lessons learned and I will share more!  My big take was "you never know what the person that will change your life looks like, they all look the same".....Such an inspiring, articulate, impressive, wise young woman.  Staty tuned to Life on Newark-Granville life will be enriched thanks to tonight!

And woo- hoo for an election! Every election gives us information to learn, apply, share, us community connections, shines positive light on goodness....yes tonight's speaker helped shape this perspective.  The Granville School Levy has passed by a hair but it passed- THANK YOU to all that voted for it, to all that voted, to all that worked to support our education system for my/our children. THANK YOU to all those in other school districts....I'm sorry some school districts didn't get the results they wanted....learn and apply...try try again.....

Life on Newark-Granville Road provided many many lesson today...I sleep tonight inspired for the work that waits for me tomorrow.

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