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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve.......

So the figure eights yesterday also included the fun of family arriving for Thanksgiving!  The blog's title evokes the need to report on true activities within the home on Newark-Granville Road and I'm happy to oblige this morning!  Yesterday's bad weather inspired my Maryland family to make their journey a day early- hooray! They arrived safely in the afternoon having stayed ahead of the storms for the most part.  Sarah and Greg arrived early enough to have Louisa visit Clare's school to surprise her and pick her up early from Math Counts- Clare was thrilled for many many reasons.  Nana and Pap had great timing as well- Pap was able to nap at The Inn and Nana met the kids off the bus- lucky me watched from the porch- Sally and Peter's faces were priceless as it computed who this was waiting for them with outstretched hands.  Louisa beams with love and happiness with abudnent energy when surrounded by cousins.  She may bubble over when the next set arrives!  Joe joined in with Turkey prep- making sure Friday errand completed, enough scotch was on hand and the turkey in the ready- plus a hair cut!!

It really worked well to have the crew settle in...Bodie the dog and Griffey figured one another out, relaxing time at the Inn- rooms across the hall, all girl delivery of Sally to the Nutcracker rehearsal to see her dressing room spot, a leisurely dinner at Brews and real conversations we've needed to have in person- Sarah and I figuring out medical genealogy steps in regard to cancer. The meal had everyone happy with their order and kids even topped it off with Whits.  Louisa stayed with us cuddling with Clare....Life on Newark-Granville Road is pretty full and special.  I count my blessings - I know this these days don't last forever and there are others missing family and loved ones.  I admire those helping others.

So Thanksgiving Eve....I LOVE Thanksgiving and the focus of family, food and friends- I'm off to work, duty calls but then some shopping and shuttling to wrap up the day with food my Mom brought and the arrival of my brother and his family!  The Stoner arrival is figure eight on Newark-Granville Road as my siblings are Denison alums and our family has been like figure eighting from Granville since 1985 when we stayed at the Buxton and explored the fair college on the hill.  It is a magical place and I loved hearing Sarah tell Louisa she'd give her a tour.  The snow this year is early but beautiful our village glistens and delights.  Take care and thanks for reading and sharing my life on Newark-Granville Road. I'm off to embrace the preperation process of Thanksgiving Eve.

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Amy Ferguson said...

Gobble on, Susan! Say hi to Matt for me & have a great T'Day. :)