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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Full Fun Day....all under one roof, around the table.....

A lovely lovely day- woke up rested and ready to go on my own...the alarm didn't go off.  Why?  I set my 6:30 wake up time for is Thursday! Funny thing- Joe did the same thing.  The quiet prep time was lovely- I pulled the turkey out of the cold brine, made the stuffing and had him in the oven by 8 am.  We cooked a bunch of bacon so we could have bacon sandwiches after the turkey trot to tide folks over during bloody mary time.

The race was a great morning activity for all of us.

  What fun to share this community event with our family.  Stoners are enjoying being at The Granville Inn being in the heart of the village. And village certainly shows its heart for Turkey Trot. The cool temps didn't bother us for long- great group out running. Loved the GIS team gathering and opportunity to run together.  I loved seeing my healthy sister running this year, my brother gets bonus points for moving along at a fun pace in his jeans.  The hula hoop was a fun way to engage with folks for me and share information about tomorrow's gathering at The Works (11-3!!)  I always enjoying seeing friends and introducing/re-connecting my family with friends- lots of that along the route!  I snuck in to baste the turkey thinking I'd stay put but the course called and I jumped back in to get some more exercise and time with friends!  It wrapped up in happy way back at the house with bevies, catch-up time and breakfast!!

Clare was the perfect hostess and equipped everyone in sledding attire and away they went....first time for the Sunshine Stoners- my brothers family from Oviedo Florida.  Louisa- our 5 year old niece hadn't gone sledding either - watching from the dining room window was a moment I'll never forget. Happy engaged kids that had just run/walked 3 miles charging the hill over and over again- THANK YOU Pfau family for your hill hospitality!  Figure eight moment- use to watch Clare sled with Pfau kids that took she and Peter over while Sally was newborn.

Showers and regrouping while dinner finished was nice transition to the focus point of the day.  It all worked so well- we have hours and hours of experience with Mom in the kitchen and tried and true preparation of favorites- Turkey, stuffing simple bread, celery, sage and onion, scalloped oysters, peas, sauerkraut, country ham- bonus little touch, veggie plate, cranberry, mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was a good meal and all engaged and enjoyed.  All of us under one roof, around one table, toasting, laughing enjoying family favorites- indeed filled with gratitude.  The gratitude tree was a new addition and a special touch.  The cousins unite to make their own fun- something new this gathering- fashion shows from my closet.  Kids asked for themes after dinner and came down 4 times with various outfits- we figured out their favorite high heels that remained constant with costume changes.

Mom's pies this year were particularly good.  often we'll take a walk between dinner and dessert- not this year the walking/ running at the trot in the morning did the trick.  We worked on the kitchen and enjoyed time at the table again.  Joe's fire this year particularly good- prefect backdrop to the day and where I sit now typing.  Watching Peter sit watching football eating peas, the Stoners enjoying turkey sandwiches and the kids plan their evening here while parents and grandparents return to hotel rooms- life on Newark-Granville Road has me indeed giving thanks.

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