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Friday, November 22, 2013

the cocktail napkins say it all.....

We did a fair amount of cleaning up is coming...and they'll be all over the house! The basement got a fair amount of attention- more just put-away, declutter and pitch- all over due!  I broke a beloved wedding gift- sniff fault completely...I rebounded pretty well.  I will miss it. I used it a fair amount and might even have a photo of it somewhere.  I found all 3 children's baby books and that made me smile- I can't wait to share them- they'll love it!  They found their art boxes and it was hard not to let them dig in- but we had work to do!

I also put my table cloth on the table....a gift from my Mom's cousin/my god-mother Judy.  My father brought her a linen table cloth from his time in the Navy and she had stopped using it.  When she moved back to Maryland she realized this- lucky me!  It looks beautiful on my table and will be a nice addition for Thanksgiving this year.

While doing that I went into organizing mode- the linen and silver drawers got my attention.  With this came the cocktail napkins....there it was - the mantra I needed and mentioned in the last blog.  "Keep Calm and and Gobble On" goes on during this amazing holiday- we just gobble gobble and keep on going.  We're making our lists and crossing things off...making progress..making progress!  The other napkin I love is just a big old roasted turkey on top of car- so perfect for Granville! I'm going to make that my profile pic on Facebook for this week- just to help keep me centered and focused!  There were some other great napkins in the drawer- come on over for a cocktail and I'll share them with you! Life on Newark-Granville Road loves company and cocktail time and Thanksgiving has both!

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