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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Projects, lists and to-dos.......

I saw a post today on facebook about Meyers-Briggs. MBTI.....I could type and blog for hours about this and maybe someday I will.  All I know is today my ENTJ was showing.  I go to bed this evening pleased that so many things are in progress and moving forward.  I actually was deleting instead of crossing things off my list....I've started using my notepad on my phone and this seemed easier than finding a way to make an electronic slash.

I studied the MBTI in Omaha with Federal-Mogul, it was a very helpful too with team building through a merger.  Then I asked to engage with it as part of a self- directed work team call center environment.  That was fun. I  was moved from Omaha to Southfield, MI to open be on the leadership team to open the center.  MBTI was a key part. I even travelled to Otto Kroeger Associates for certification- I loved it.  A whole week of studying and understanding how it all works and ties together.  It makes such sense to me- we have natural preferences, certain activities take and give various degrees of energy, as we age and mature we become more balanced and able to work within our preferences, times of stress push us back to those go-to behaviors.  The more we know about our co-works and family and know their preferences the easier and more productive we are.

My time in Southfield and the call center was exciting and part of career growth I'm grateful for many reasons- primarily the people and the team we were. The leadership that was exemplified and taught. The care and energy we gave our product, project and colleagues.  I was able to carry MBTI work with me way beyond that position and I smile as I recall having Joe complete the indicator on an early date- maybe the 2nd.  He too is an MBTI...who says only opposites attract.

Life on Newark-Granville Road has many behaviors and preferences...including project management, lists and to-dos that get crossed off and still wait for their turn.