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Monday, December 30, 2013

back in town….life off of Newark-Granville Road

It is soooo good to go away! Vacations and trips can be difficult to carve out but it is so important! It is important to take a break from blog posts, driving kids to and from, our work places, even keeping the house clean and meals on the table.  As long as I've been a mom and had full life on Newark-Granville Road (and Mulford) I've escaped to my parents house in Maryland.  It had been way too long since we made a Maryland visit.  On the drive on the 26th we figured it was our Africa/Easter/Spring break trip in March.

While in Maryland we enjoyed our Stoner Christmas celebration- so great to be with Sarah, Greg and Louisa- Bohdie their dog is a beloved member of the family too. She is always with them- even our vacation trips or with us when they visit here.  We missed Matt and his family, however having had Easter with them and Thanksgiving here we were ok.  Mom and Dad's house gets a bit cramped so Joe and I enjoy hotel time- tv in bed, clothes in our own space and opportunity to get a drink at a favorite watering hole- The Colonial.

We enjoyed an activity I enjoyed growing up- hiking! To prepare for Joe, Clare and Peter's overnight hike on the Appalachian Trail in March we scouted out where they'll pitch their tent and enjoy dinner on the trail.   My Dad engaged with maps, deep knowledge of the area and escorted us to make sure we found our way.  Time together is so valuable. My Dad's MSD (being treated) Sarah's cancer- 5 years cancer free and the watching friends mourn their parents loss makes time off the road all the more important.  We're lucky our kids know their grandparents- both sets so well- we don't take our life on Newark-Granville for granted and we count our blessing and savor the time.

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