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Saturday, December 21, 2013

standing in one place…..

Today gave me time to focus…focus on this wonderful community, my wonderful family, my wonderful job.  Today we rang the Salvation Army Bell via Newark Rotary.  What a great start to the day.  The kids were far from perfect, but they did it.  Today I spend a good chunk of time at my desk addressing deadlines and getting ready for a break and saying thanks. Tonight I stayed home and worked on Xmas cards and enjoyed just being with Joe and the girls.

There is so much going on in this world, with our family and friends. It felt so good to stand this morning and ring the bell- in an easy way ask for support of those in need, ask for support of an organization that cares and shares warmth and love.  I drove the kids to the Salvation Army after we did our shift- we appreciate our vantage point a bit better today.  I wore the Rotary vest and Sally asked about "service above self" and we talked about how good it feels to serve, give, care.  It was good to be in Newark at the Kroger- observe the comings and goings. Feel the giving, the warmth, the smiles and anticipation of the seasons. Good to talk with a fellow Rotarian and my kids for an hour- a whole hour.

My job is full of amazing events and activities.  It is hard to stop and report on what has been happening. Reflect to soak in the good work, the lessons to improve and throw things away and delete and clean up too.  Good to say thanks and plan for what surely will be another year of growth, service, learning and fun for our community with The Works.

This holiday season has us sending Christmas Cards again- I love mail and love reaching out to friends far and near.  I love to open cards and connect with friends near and far. I love how the kids stand with me at the kitchen counter and open and review, inquire and remark. I'm grateful for 2013's gatherings and get togethers that prompt the kids to say- oh yeah I remember them….I'm inspired to plan some trips- Michigan friends get ready…Peter loves Michigan he needs to see it and you!  I've watched two movies with my family this weekend while working on the cards. They won't arrive by Xmas but Christmas is 12 days and they will go out and they say Happy New Year too!

I hope you're able to pause and take it in the beauty of this season. Winter has arrived in an odd way (60 with rain) our beautiful snow is gone. There is lots of ugly and worry with flooding- we try to focus on the good in our lives on Newark-Granville Road as it is there and it felt so good to take it in today.

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