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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waiting until the last minute…...

Last year it was "Gloria" Gloria…..calling the wrong Walmart….this year well I can't go into details but the desired item has been obtained… Santa has assured me it is in the sled and will be delivered- woo hoo!

Tonight Joe and I took advantage of an hour and half to wrap up some key items- Nostrums was an absolute delight! The service was amazing! Selection and price ranges all pleased and delighted me..I even found 15 minutes and a sales associate at my side to try on dresses and secure the red sweater I've been keeping my eye out for quite some time.

Joe and I enjoyed dinner at The Pearl. I've heard about it since they opened and had yet to find time to enjoy.  It didn't disappoint- yummy fresh oysters on the half shell, delicious fish dinner all in the company of dear friends we just don't see enough.  Joe and Matt put it all together and they get gold stars for the effort.

The day started early with church and a great sermon, kids choir over brunch- I was able to enjoy a bloody mary in a place where I relax immediately upon entry.  Nice to be with good friends and share a meal.  MCC is very special to me and a lovely holiday week kick-off! I'm in a good place in my life on Newark-Granville Road. Not that there isn't tons still to do….but the last minute success is working it's magic and giving me energy.  We're getting ready- Christmas and the joy, hope and love it brings will be here soon!

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