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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pictures tell a thousand words….

Yes, I'm now wearing glasses. I've been trying to get use to them and the reality is I do see better with them. It is pretty cool actually- how innovative. At some point I'll hope to get contacts but for now glasses work. We'll see what happens with sports, getting dressed up. Yesterday I left them at the office and I missed them- that is how I know they're working.  I can see without them. I could see before I went in to the exam- but there are blurry times- looking at my name tag, looking at my phone at times, not seeing as far as I use to be able to - I use to see far.  I had really good eye site.  So the good news is my eye site isn't that bad.  I'm aging, the eye is doing what a healthy normal eye does in its 40s…

Yes here is a picture of me in my glasses- fun for me to see- not bad.  But the real fun of the is photo is the story it should tell about Say YES to Glass.  Say YES to glass is funded by the Licking County Foundation.  It brings students from the amazing YES club house bringing kids together for care, support friendship, food and so much more they need- it is an amazing organization.  These students applied and were selected to study glass at The Works. For twelve weeks they learned design, the science of glass, the art of glass and so much more.  The Works strives to teach "the more you learn, the more you earn"- many valuable lessons, 21st century life skills as well as academic lessons and what we saw tonight- confidence.  These students did a wonderful job showcasing their work this work this evening and putting it up for auction.  This student really wanted to have his glass bulldog receive bids in the silent auction.  I was pulled in and had so much fun with the auction.  I out bid the mayor- yikes!  I also went home with a glass snake, flower, vase, pendant- lucky me!  I am further down my Christmas list!!  They really are beautiful pieces and knowing what went into their creation makes them all the more valuable and valued. I'm grateful to everyone that attended this event- the support, love and care was felt in the glass studio.  The Works was overflowing with good things- the board room with the Development Council Full Meeting, the meting room with the Rotary Club party- all sorts of goodness.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is photographed well and has many stories to share. Thanks for reading and being with me on this amazing journey.

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