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Sunday, December 8, 2013

kitchen time and holiday spirit!

I love my kitchen time and I'm craving it big time right now.  One would think Tgiving gave me enough but that was one meal, although it did provide lots of left overs. Reality is my Mom helped a lot with the pies, and brought soup for our night before meal.  So I don't feel like I've done much cooking lately.  Joe and I were going to go out for breakfast to do our planning/plotting Christmas purchases- yes we know we're behind- no reminders. We're prioritizing based on turnaround time and delivery needs (Florida shipment).  But today I just didn't want to go out to eat.  I made creamed chipped beef (no flour so Bisquick worked), cut up the grapefruit (using handy special grapefruit knife) and made a fruit salad for those that didn't want the grapefruit.  It was great.  I also took my alone time to clean the kitchen but even that was satisfying for my life on Newark-Granville Road today!

I hope you're enjoying the beauty this snow provides- really gorgeous here!  Last night's walking tour in Granville couldn't of had a prettier back-drop.  We have never really embraced the walking tour big time- the crowds, parties, kids activities pull us in directions.  We did enjoy two events last night- bluegrass at Park National Bank was outstanding. I'll miss the student recital next Friday at 7 at Swasey so this was a good substitute! Clare was part of the Youth Choir at FPC with Ladies Night Out- what a treat! It all certainly puts me in a happy Christmas spirit- even if I'm behind and just putting away Giving.  We're in planning mode on Newark-Granville Road and we'll get there!

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