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Thursday, December 5, 2013

which way do I go.......

We had a wonderful dog named Jax.  We didn't name him- he came with that name.  That didn't stop us with later dogs.  Jax was a bouvier we adopted/rescued and he loved us.  He came to us when I was pregnant with Clare. I could blog and blog and blog about that dog.  When we got him he could barely walk around the block. He had been locked up in a kennel all day and not permitted to roam the house as he would scratch the hardwood floors. He roamed our house and slept with us. We took him on long walks.  One day we walked to the village (Granview, not Granville) and Joe went to do one errand and I went another way- I was going to the post office.  That poor dog was so torn- which way do I go he said with his eyes.  Motherhood is like this, maybe parenthood but I'm not a father and this blog is my perspective.  I want a snow day tomorrow so a hardship for Clare is reduced.  I don't want a snow day because I want the Volunteer luncheon to occur easily- I want the weather to miss us and our volunteers can easily get to The Works to enjoy the day just for them.  I want a snow day to cuddle with my kids and let them sleep in.....I want to walk our current dog to town with the kids and he won't have to make a decision.....the good news it is all out of my control.  No matter how many ice cubes get flushed and what direction my PJs are....I don't get a say in the here I type trying to ride the wave, sit loosely in the saddle on Newark-Granville Road.

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