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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

something to look forward to…...

What a gift to wake up knowing the day will end well.  No matter what happened with the craziness of this time of year, the work load, I knew the gathering at the end would be lovely.  And it didn't disappoint.  Dinner at the Inn, an annual holiday outing with friends- I looked forward to it all day.  Mother Nature added an extra touch with light snow to make it festive and bright.  Little perks along the way today added to special touches.  How wonderful to have antiques back on Broadway, a newborn to watch sleep and be surrounded in love, chatter time with Peter, basketball shuttle with Clare and teammate/friend,  a package shipped to Florida using technology and a helpful employee, plans to keep moving forward, a crockpot meal by Joe so the family eats well while I would be too….all these things added up to make my life on Newark-Granville Road so very very special. Tonight reminds me of the importance of hope and anticipation…advent the season that teaches us these important lessons.

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