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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pick-a-little, talk-a- little…or pick a lot, cheer a lot….

Today was a day of cheering and picking things out….we mixed the fun of gym time and basketball in with holiday fun!  Truly no time to get the Christmas Tree but we squeezed it in and it worked!  Due to weather our favorite place had us hiking out to the trees instead of riding on the tractor- I loved it!  Who knew I was going to get a gorgeous hike in today! And it worked in our favor as we're fast walkers and were on a time constraint with basketball.

Basketball was fun- Clare's game was cancelled but Sally and Peter had us cheering. We always enjoy our time in the bleachers with friends- old and new.  I hadn't thought about the friendships that develop in the stands until chatting with someone yesterday.  Today the realization was deeper as I watched Joe interact wiht Dad's from past teams- Dads that help coach and support coaching efforts.

And I got out into the shopping world..I have no idea how many days until Christmas. I can do the math but it will annoy me. I know I need to get a shipment out, I know I have a deadline looming with a vendor. The good news it is forcing me to shop local and I like that. I had a lovely time in town tonight and even enjoyed our Indian Mound Mall. I'm much closer than I was this afternoon.

It has been a very very happy day on Newark-Granville Road- pick-pick-pick talk/cheer cheer….Enjoy!

Oh and if you are free tomorrow at 7 pm- the Christmas Spirit soars at Denison for "Lessons and Carols" all are welcome!

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