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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rube Goldberg takes the prize.

Sooo many great things to blog about today- a banner day.  An exhausting day, a day that required a 2nd wind, maybe even a third to get the blog posted….but the energy provided was wonderful.  Here are the highlights of the day, saving the best for last.

1. Ladies luncheon- we've loved "Family Matters"- the art exhibit in the gallery at The Works- since the beginning.  It is innovative, historic, scientific, whimsical and we just like it. We've embraced the 50s theme and had fun…those that read this blog on a regular basis have had their fair share of chatter about this exhibit and this fun.  So today was a luncheon for top donors and what a treat it was to execute.  Thanks to friends and amazing colleagues we pulled it off in an elegant and special way.  Park National Bank is quite a partner to The Works!

2. What are you drinking on Monday….I hope a New Belgium Brewing Co beer! They're available on Monday, December 16th- Fat Tire is pretty tasty. The IPA- Ranger is crisp and delicious, the Triple a favorable beverage that pairs well with food and the Accumulation- gone by February- a winter ale- was festive and a good drink on our snow day day.  Mateisch Distributing is another corporate partner to The Works- they value our innovation and workforce preparation and align us with companies that help us showcase our mission for our adult life long learners.  NBB is one of those companies- I spent my evening learning about the amazing sustainability efforts, the inspiration and innovation behind their net zero footprint in Colorado.  oh yes and I interacted with great folks with fun passion for craft beer.

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  Always nice to chat with my Mom, even better on her birthday.  Sad news from my home town about a childhood family friend's wife's death- makes us appreciate how fragile life is and what a gift it is.

4. Coming home to see Clare's smile as she showed the success of her Rube Goldberg. She is doing this as a class assignment for 7th grade.  The night wrapped up with her discussing Newton's Law of Physics showcased in her Goldberg.  When I stopped in at the end of the day she was close but not there yet.  The duck tape on the ceiling, around the new drapes post and antique desk were not that pleasing but her dedication was sweet.  When I returned from evening at work (yes point 2 was work!!) she was so pleased to share the final product and video.  I have included a picture. I also love how she smiles with braces and shines in science!

Life on Newark-Granville road has many happy moments. Sally was sweet as sweet can be when she answered the phone- she had a good day with her Dad. Life on Newark-Granville Road highlights is possible because Joe supports my work.  Peter's description of sledding and reading with Joe warms my heart too- a good one for the books all around on Newark-Granville Road.

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