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Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Santa…..

It's time to write the list. I'm not sure I've done this in past years.  I of course remember the lists that led to the best boyfriend ever, the finance, the convertible, the healthy happy niece….So it seems like the time is right to share some information with Santa.

You see tonight I had the chance to spend some time with Santa- he was lovely. I made the arrangements for him to visit The Works for the Hinderer Christmas Party!! I take my role with event very seriously and was honored to help.  I did the same last year, the bonus was tonight I was able to show Santa around The Works and see his amazing affect on children. What a treat.  Tonight I did see peace on earth- the baby sleeping in his arms, the child wide eyed in wonder, the pure joy to the little girl who couldn't stay and way and flew to him whenever she could.  The card and list presented to him as soon as he was seated. No matter what was happening in the world- in that moment my life on Newark-Granville Road felt so very much at peace.

Santa walked with me and talked with me about he importance of corporate support and engaged members- that sweet man is lively and quick. I won't need to put work items on this list. I did put Grant writer on the list when we shared our Santa lists at Development Council FYI!

But at home- of course I want happy, healthy, active, respectful children. Additional adventures for us that are meaningful and stay with us- we don't have to go to Africa we can stay close to home.  I'd love to work on the home- for instance a dry back yard and sewer/septic to be all complete and healthy, clean and handled!  Santa knows I'd love to do the house projects and get things caught up- reupholster the couch and chairs, make sure everything looks as painted and pretty as the front room. The basement and bathrooms.  Probably not the year to put the screened porch on the list.  Healthy parents and siblings and their families really goes at the top- quality time with them and our dear friends is important too.  Pool time- pool really stands for perfect outlook on life- and is so important.  And just to be true to myself I'll say a gold charm - a surpass of which trip is represented…Cuba, Africa, china…I'd love the cog charm someday as well.  I'm a lucky girl- Santa will deliver some very special things he always does, my life is very complete and full. I'm very grateful Santa for all you do, represent and share for the world and in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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