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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Greetings! Christmas Card Blog Entry!

I enjoy sharing the behind the scenes about cards we send.  This year we were able to get Christmas Cards finished and mailed (last year did Valentines cards)….although most cards will arrive on the 3rd, 5th even 6th day of Christmas. Some may say we then should of send "New Years Cards"….however following family tradition we celebrate until Epiphany- January 6th. The tree won't come down until then…and it may be later this year as we put the tree up late- we'll see- not doubt a future blog topic!  My grandmother's birthday (Clara Schnebly Price- my mom's mom) was January 6th.  Lucky us- Sarah Landis Leithauser (our Sally) was born January 6th as well!

Cards this year were not processed via excel or list- and I know we're missing people- hopefully you've found your way here and we can say- MERRY CHRISTMAS!  HAPPY NEW YEAR…may you find love, happiness, hope, joy and adventure in 2014!  Also the back of our card says JOIN us for our annual Derby Party on May 3rd!  We won't do invitations for Derby but you're invited!!

I need to give a shout out to Leader Printing in Granville/ Newark- on 16 at Cherry Valley intersection- they're wonderful to work with.  I send them my photos, ideas, text and they produced our cards- I'm soooo grateful.  I had ideas to do something about following in footsteps with all 3 kids playing basketball- Joe played and now coaches….Clare went to and is going to the camp where I went, Peter is playing Joe's trumpet, choir memories for the kids take me back to my choir days… much happiness and joy- maybe next year!   Africa was too good not to share photos- Sally's spirit was the highlight of our trip to Senegal- visiting the orphanage, delivering toys collected on Christmas eve last year and Sally's 8th birthday….of course this all happened thanks to the Michael's our dear friends- they were amazing hosts.

I don't include a Christmas Letter anymore- I let the blog do that work!  As you know from reading past entries  Joe and I love our jobs, we have wonderful help to shuttle kids and keep the house in order and kids are doing great in school and activities.  The house is getting a tap into the sewer for Xmas- ho ho ho….Our community, church, friends, family (all here for Tgiving) lift us up so it is a very very Merry Christmas for us.  We know it isn't the case for everyone and we hope the Spirit will help make it merrier if this is the case.   Oh yes Griffey- the 1 1/2 year old dog is growing up but loving that tree and it's ornaments of perceived buffet play toys!!

Thank you for reading and sharing my wonderful life on Newark-Granville Road with me!  May you find the joys of the season all around- they are there, they really are and we're grateful to share ours!

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