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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

with Orange Barrels….Construction Update…..

Tomorrow is the day they bore under the road.  Long time readers are up on our sewer/septic challenges.  The orange tall barrels with caution tape on the side of our house on Fairview are marking the location of the new grinder and pump that is part of our new sewer process.  The boring is to tap into the sewer located on the other side of the road.  We were unable to repair or replace our septic tank since we have "access"- expensive and ill-navigable access but access none the less.

I do love my old house with character, history (personal meaning at that!) and the life it provides on Newark-Granville Road.  This sewer tie in isn't an easy fix for many reasons, partially the age of the house, the way it is positioned, its elevation and we're doing this step by step. The contractor told us our electric panel will need upgraded, they had to disconnect the air conditioning to feed the pump. We're now looking at quotes and the process for a generator, as if the power goes out the pump will still need to remove sewage……ahhhh country living…oh wait- we live in the village?

Many people- my east coast father- are shocked at our situation.  We have city/village water, but not sewer.  Many on Newark-Granville Road are in similar situations.  It hadn't dawned on me how many people were on septics so close to the village.  The village/township line is interesting on our side of the street as well- across the street - fairview side- is township.  

When it is all said and done I'll share the full store and recommendations to help others navigating this problem/situation.  In the meantime know why traffic may delayed tomorrow on Newark-Granville Road and what the bobcats, stone pile (to fill the unused septic tank) dirt and disarray in our yard is all about, and share the learning and updates with us on the blog!

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