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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

with tears and giggles- very complete.

When it rains it pours- isn't that the truth! Good thing I like to splash in the puddles….This really is the best way to describe my life right now- it is full, full, full- full in to-dos, responsibilities and most of all blessings.  The blessings are the people who support, love, encourage, communicate, share and interact with me on so many levels.  I wouldn't be anywhere without my family, friends, colleagues, volunteers, donors, neighbors.  And in my blog world the opening statement is true too- so much to blog about today!

I could share the fun tidbits about decorating our house…we're finally bringing Christmas out- it started outside: front door- sled (from Joe's Mom and ice skates (from both our parents- we both grew up going skating on ponds) and the jiggle bell wreath- love it, remember when I bought it at Easton's Smith and Hawkin the year we painted the house.  The Merry Christmas wood wreath on the mailbox post- another favorite from Carol and Co…I miss them!  Today the "trees" are back- I had forgotten that last year I placed them in the dining room.  My Jenny Reynolds is a joy to focus on and I love the tree from Betsy Mattimoe, the St Luke Tree Auction- I have Maura Sharkey's decorated little tree- it still lights up when I plug it in; and a tree of life from the serve market at church.  I also pulled out our stockings- hand knit and gifted to us by Mrs Angle- wedding gift, then baby gifts- so very very special.  They hang on an innovative piece of iron by my old neighbor Virginia Abbott.  What a special hour pulling those items out to help celebrate this special season.  Lots more to do…so more blog material!

I could also talk about the amazing HATSOFF! meeting this morning- what a treat to work with dedicated talented leaders- HATSOFF! 2014 will be amazing.  To learn more save the date of January 23 in the evening…again blog material will be flowing- thanks Dan and Emily Wilson, Pat and Linda Jeffries!  Tied to that and yesterday's physics lesson- for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction- I hit my too tired and done point later in the morning and was encouraged by Marcia Downes to take a break. I finished some key work (with errors- sigh) and headed to a massage for some R and R.  Leslie's Eleven Massage did the trick!  I then came home to make a yummy dinner and enjoy being with the kids and just staying home- other than a quick short cold walk/run with the dog.

Also tied to yesterday's blog- I loved reading Ashley Curl's blog highlighting our Ladies lunch:    This is a great blog to follow- great news shared and connected to our luncheon- Chinz Room is coming back to Columbus/Lazrus!  Speaking of Blogs- thanks for reading- my stats show over 120 visits these past few days- hip hip hooray!

But the real fun today was the laughter and honest dialogue in the kitchen on Newark-Granville Road.  Sally brought home her youth dictionary presented to her by the Heath Rotary Club.  I heard about the Pataskala Rotary doing this and was so impressed so I was very pleased Sally was excited about hers.  The fun of being home and puttering in the kitchen is the easy quality time with the kids.  Sally was just hanging with me when she brought it to me and showed me a note she had added to the book- S/E/X on page X H/E/L/L on page X- she said see this book has these words.  I kept cooking, chopping and then it hit me…hmmm I wonder what how these words are defined. And if she is asking then we'd better chat…so I had her read them out loud and then we talked about the fact she is a female and some basic thoughts about faith. It was pretty simple and that is as far as it went.  Some how it came up that this discussion had happened on the bus….does anything good happen on the bus?  but I kept a straight face and enjoyed the conversation not pushing for too much, letting Sally share with me.  Then after dinner while I was doing the dishes Sally enthusiatily shared her new dictionary with Joe.  I went back to our earlier conversation and got the giggles- I told her to show Daddy the words she had found.  I was in serious quiet giggle mode - I know not appropriate mother behavior but I coudn't help it.  Sally luckily ignored me and moved on to another room.  Joe and I then took to other dictionaries and inquired about what words where included and how defined.  The very young dictionary we have on the counter was similar to Sally's new one, however it does include male and female body parts and the new one does not.  Silly I know- for a quick moment I was back in time remembering learning about such things, feeling like a giggly awkward child and then jumping to responsible parent.  Peter and Sally came in as Joe and I were doing this and we honestly shared - our youngest children engaged a bit with us but didn't feel like talking about accurate definition of  body parts for long.  Yes Life on Newark-Granville Road is good tonight- I've laughed, cried and spent the evening with my family.

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