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Monday, December 16, 2013

blessings of the skinned knee or icy roads….

Trying to find the blessings tonight…..this is one of my favorite books.   It is about parenting but I take to my life…I probably need to apply it more to parenting- some really good stuff in the 2nd book…I think I'll add that to my Santa list since I now have a teenager!!

Today I had to be coached to not be a half-empty person…those that know me, or read my blog know I'm pretty positive. However I do have negative reactions (more than you know) to things and a work snafu put me into that place. The reality is I needed a plan- plan a.2 with a plan b- that got me back into a good place.  I needed to extrovert, talk it out, bring in helpers.  The beautiful sleep-in (so rare in my house) inspired by the 2 hour delay was a lovely start to my day.  My natural tendency is a night owl- it doesn't fit the life I lead on Newark-Granville Road but it is my natural body clock. And in time of too much to do and not enough hours, days, weeks (Christmas and year end) I'll stay up way to late.  So I was happy to take bus duty and let Joe go to work. He was my hero and handled the snow days last week- I can take the delay!  However it was hours not at work and it put me behind. However by the end of the day I was able to leave in time to grab a late lunch and enjoy a NEW BELGIUM BREWING Co. beer- Ranger on tap at Beverage Source- woot-woot!  I also bought Fat Tire to bring home to Joe!  Today was the first day this very GREEN brewery's offerings were available in Ohio.  This wasn't a big deal to me until I got to know this beer and hear about it from others.  And when something comes along and enhances my work - it is worth blogging and talking about and enjoying in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

Today had some real bummers….friends are hurt, ill, not here anymore.  Diana Jones wasn't a personal friend- she helped me out and added so much to this village and community. She was a friend to Newark-Granville Road and I'm very sad about her passing.  The not so good things and bad things are indeed everywhere.  So days like this I want to crawl back into bed, but instead the dog needed a walk so I took a long one and reflected on the blessings of the skinned knee….the blessings that created a peaceful walk in the snow….the blessing with Diana I did know her, I was blessed in so many ways by her time with us here.  The hurt friends is harder but I'm blessed to be able to help them- to listen, to drop a note, to encourage when I can.I can't fix it for them but I can help as I am able. I can pray.   And I can look around and celebrate the good and hope they'll find the good that helps them too. Maybe I can buy them a Fat Tire!

PS- By the way….Fat Tire will be on tap at Cocktails by the Fire this year!! woo hoo! We'll have other New Belgiums there too and other local craft beers…and other wonderful things that help us enjoy local and celebrate sustainability that all connects to Green Revolution- a big part of 2014 @ The Works! When life is good @ the Works…life is good on Newark-Granville Road.

My late lunch on the way home….

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