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Friday, December 6, 2013

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Picking up on where we left off with last night's blog for my dear readers following along about my life on Newark-Granville Road.....the beautiful snow isn't keeping any fun from happening.  I'm grateful to my parents for teaching me how to drive in the snow.  Living in Altoona, Pa probably helped that- necessity kept us driving in the the snow- it was winter, it snowed, we drove.  We skied at Blue Knob- a ski "resort" that was an old army base and lodge on top of resort- so to access skiing- you drove up a snowy mountain.  For some reason tonight's snowy drive reminded me of PA snow driving.

So we indeed get a snow day  - so Clare's conflict was removed.  The weather wasn't as treacherous as anticipated so Joe kept the kids and I went to work to help execute our Volunteer Lunch and keep moving forward on the long to-do list.  Hip Hip Hooray for the volunteers- they braved the concern of weather and joined us for a lovely luncheon.  Festive, fun traditions, opportunity to take in the exhibits and be together- good time- important times.  As usual duty called and I was late to get home- made it in time to do the quick turn around for Sally's Nutcracker Ball- a fun dance for the cast of the Nutcracker performance.  As I drove home in the snow I heard about all the cancellations- I thought certainly this event would not go-on with the weather. I was wrong and I was pleased - driving in snow requires us to slow down, use the tools available- good tires, 4 wheel drive- we were able to attend as planned and have a great night.  The kids (and some adults) danced, looked great in their dress up cloths, created new traditions, and strengthened friendships.  Sally and her friend enjoyed the night and she'd like to go back next year.  I sat and took it all in- the longest I've sat all week in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  

So no hang-out day will come, I'll get one soon enough.  I'm lucky to have a busy, full life I love and am grateful I can appreciate the beauty the snow brings.  It certainly is beautiful on Newark-Granville Road- art exhibit, special music and gatherings await tomorrow!

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