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Monday, December 9, 2013

gym time…..

I've shared get tickets- make a date and stick to it with tickets.  Well another way to accomplish this- see your kids play their games.  I love having to leave the office to get to a game.  With 3 kids playing 3 sports and engaged in other things and our responsibilities we're not parents that attend every game. We value other parents that do this and cheer for our kids and help with rides!! But we do our best to see as many as we can. Tonight was a great example of fun gym time!  I packed up at 4 and was out the door- in the gym by 4:45 for the 5 pm game!

Clare was thrilled to make the 7th grade basketball team.  We're in real sports now- she can't miss school on the day of games, she gets to stay after school on game days and have a team meal before riding the bus. And the pace is fast and talent is high- we're watching real basketball!  I took in a game last week in Johnstown- what a treat.  Clare didn't love the gym or small locker rooms- old school (nostalgic for me) but I was happy to be back there, remember the fun of Rec ball there.  Tonight was more fun as Joe joined me with Sally and Peter and we all watched and cheered for Clare and the Lady Aces at home!  She scored two baskets- one which led to a foul shot that she didn't make. She hustled and looked good on the court.  She's got some work to do- the top players have been together and have talent. We'll boost her confidence and encourage more practice and skill development.  She works hard and listens to coaches- she'll have a good year as will we!

On Saturday we took in Sally's first game- as I climbed the bleachers and settled in I sighed a happy sigh.  I love the feel of the gym- seeing teammates parents, watching all that goes on with the older kids, refs, coaches, teams.  Sally is playing bigger ball too- last year was sweet with 2nd graders playing lots of 2nd graders but now we've got 4th graders on our team and these kids move the ball. Sally scored- woo and kept up well. She was nervous as she has missed practices due to the Nutcracker- worried she wouldn't play and know "play" but this is rec ball and we have a great coach.  She got her uniform, number 33 and was encouraged and welcomed- she hit the floor happy and ready to go.

Peter's team plays Saturday- what fun it will be to see this team in action. I've been hearing about them for weeks as Joe is the coach.  He's seeing development, learning and improvement already- many on the team are new to the sport.  Peter will be their leader and take the responsibility seriously, plus make it fun. We'll add tree hunting to the 3 basketball games on Saturday- should be a special day in the gyms on Newark-Granville Road.

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