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Monday, January 27, 2014

a happy moment in Granville.

Life on Newark-Granville Road often includes a stop at the IGA.  Recently we were recalling the various forms, designs, lay-out and components of the now Ross Granville Market.  When Joe and I were at Denison it had a beer drive through, a drive up beer window.  When I returned to Granville to work at Denison often it was a lunch destination for take out vegetable soup.  When Clare was 1 I happily purchased her first Halloween costume there and I remember quite fondly being able to purchase cocktail hour Scotch from the relatively new liquor store. I remember parking myself and my cart in a corner to talk to my sister about her cancer diagnosis- never again will I judge someone on a cell phone. I had to take that call exactly where I was and let time stand still.  Joe will tell you five wonderful times in his life- our wedding day, the birth of our three children and the day he found Cardu (single malt Scotch we loved in Scotland) on the IGA shelves.    A wise friend told me a beloved parenting technique - you instruct your child that the punishment will be twice as harsh if "you hear about it (your inappropriate behavior) at the IGA".   I'm a visual person so when I heard this approach I go right to the scene- we're in the produce section picking out salad items and a friend will approach me to say…..hasn't happened yet!!  Yes our IGA is a special community treasure for many reasons.

I witnessed this happy community feel tonight.  It was one of those moments I count my blessings not to have been too much in a hurry or preoccupied.  I was able recognize the beauty the moment contained and savor it and so now I share it.  The call came to one woman in the pasta aisle. I heard the voice from her phone and I knew but didn't immediately place it. But she looked up and said- there it is and I knew- school was cancelled.  I made my back to the check out counter- Peter was unloading our cart and I shared the good news with him.  Big smile from Peter, fist bump in the air and a woo-hoo.  The young clerk took notice and looked at me- really- school's cancelled?  I confirmed. She then told the next young coworker.  While we made our way closer to the register, groceries on the belt I could hear the happy buzz and chatter.  Then the text from Clare at basketball game and only then did I get my own call from the school district with - the news.  I'm not pleased- I'll be working tomorrow, Joe will be working. However how can you not appreciate the joy a "snow/cold day" brings not only your own children but the community's youth.  So often I only experience that happiness on Facebook- and more from my parent peers.  Lucky for me my life on Newark-Granville road gave me first hand opportunity at the IGA to be part of this happy reaction in person.

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