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Sunday, January 26, 2014

escape to the slopes…..

Well not the ski slopes- the tubing chutes is what they're really called.  Clare was really looking forward to church youth group outing to go snow tubing today. We found her a new jacket to keeper warmer this cold winter and were happy to have her socializing with kids she has grown up with at our church. We understood why the trip was cancelled- liability and unnecessary risk for parent drivers with a car full of 7-8th graders.

So when I realized the full day that was on the docket was wiped clean thanks to cancellations and weather I jumped at the chance to delight my children and erase Clare's disappointment.  I grew up on the east coast, I think of my childhood winters and I think of snow.  I recall all the rough weather my parents drove through to keep activities and activities moving forward.  A friend of mind (also an East coast native) embraced the idea and we loaded our car with our kids and a close family friend and headed west.  Good for us roads were not bad and actually very good on the drive home.

Kids had a great time. I too took to the chutes and enjoyed easy sledding: what isn't to love about comfortable, easy to pull tubes, magic carpet/ moving walkway to take you up the hill, staff to give you a push.  I went down with Sally a few times, Clare and even Charlotte- we smiled, laughed and inhaled crisp cool fresh air.  Leigh Ann and I chatted and caught up while I warmed up and watched the happy kids go by.  FYI- we were at Mad River Mountain.  This was a place we'd visited in the summer, I enjoyed the chance to take it in this winter.  Tubing prices were good- 3 hours $25.  I'd like to experience Snow Trails some time too. We'd like to ski but with basketball tubing is a good fit- less risk of injury- I think.

When life on Newark-Granville Road gives me the chance to escape- I take it, I particularly love it when my family and friends go with me!

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