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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

what to do with Peter….

Okay- seriously another day off from school- really? As usual I start out annoyed and after extroverting enough I deal with it.  Actually I was even laughing and so I'll share the chuckles for preservation sake on the blog and because you may laugh with us.

Seriously- the past two days with no school- two days of juggling occupying the kids time while we work.  We're on the 7th snow/cold day this season.  They had a long holiday break and then had two snow days on top of their break, and lots of delays too. They've been out more than they've been in school. And then the call comes - no school for Peter. His school- the intermediate school - has a water main break. Here are our honest thoughts about what to do with Peter tomorrow:

1st- why can't the school find a place for these kids.  Why not put them in the HS theater and have them watch documentaries.  I'll even do a Works Science Show- come on parents- we could help.  Come on school district- get creative.  Can't they meet in one part of the school? The school is in pods- are all 3 pods inhabitable?  The gym- Peter could live at the gym all day.

2nd- speaking of gyms- we'll drop him off at Denison.  He can blend in, look like a Doogie Houser. He could spend all day at Mitchell- swim, shoot hoops, climb the hill for lunch, back down….If my Dad could spend a weekend at camp by himself Peter can survive a day at Denison.

3rd- send him to school with Clare.  We're back to the point that he needs to be in school. We've rolled with this, we've taken our turn- back to our tax paying rights- our children in school 8 to 3:55- that is what we plan for- really- we have jobs. He could just go to her classes, sit in a seat near her- it would be good for him- early orientation!  What do you think the school would do. What if they called me- Mrs. Leithauser- please come get your son he doesnt' go to this school.  What if I said- not my problem- yours?

Speaking of that- it would be nice to have the schools acknowledge this inconvenience- I'm sorry goes a long way. I know they are our children and I love them but…..I'm not thinking there are many snow or sand days in India. I actually am feeling sorry for the teachers- how are you going to pick up, get back into any routine….

4th- He goes back to work with me, he goes to work with Joe, he gets left at home…..tune into tomorrow to "As Newark-Granville Road Goes By" to see what happens in my life…and Peter's.

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