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Thursday, January 9, 2014

what is it?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the fun of this sewer project.  Today I heard from quite a few of you (or quite a few friends who engage in the real life on Newark-Granville Road not just the literary one) your thoughts on our front yard.  What do you think it looks like?  My favorite from a friend that texted about our "moat" in the front yard.  Another told me in line at the Soup Loft that are yard always looks so good and so they were concerned about the disruption. I'm passing that compliment about the yard to Joe. He isn't uber involved with our yard but is pretty darling (sexy) when mowing with the push mower in his black socks and sneakers.  I personally think of Caddy Shack and the gopher when I see it. I'm wasn't crazy about the big dirt bulge in the yard and then tonight's snow came and made it oh so much prettier!  The snow also came for my friend that was sad the snow was melting.  However being in a positive place I can share how impressed I am with the soil that was turned over- it looks so rich- kind of inspiring to get serious about some landscaping!!

So there you go Life on Newark-Granville Road.  You may be growing tired of this project- I hope not- thanks for reading and sharing!!  I will share with you that my life today on Newark-Granville Road also included wonderful passion and care, more proof that relationships so matter and carry the day and volunteers are noticed and make the world go around- they certainly do make life on Newark-Granville Road all the richer!

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