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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

if headed east and in Hagerstown, MD visit Gordon's Grocery!

I love my life on Newark-Granville Road, but there was life before I settled here.  My home town is Hagerstown, Maryland.  I wasn't born there- that was Virginia. I didn't graduate from High School there- that was Altoona, PA - but my fond memories of growing up and the place I love to return home to is Hagerstown.  It is where Interstates 81 and 70 intersect so many of you have gone right by.  Many of you stayed there for our wedding (although we were married in Mercersburg, PA) and enjoyed the fun of our reception at FHCC. It is a very special place for many reasons.  The Appalachian Mountains provide amazing backdrops, the Antietam Battlefield historic and sacred ground- it is the east coast but a bit off the hustle and bustle of the big city but we have amazing access to all the big cities offer.  There is an amazing business there, nestled in the neighborhood where I grew up.  This article does a nice job describing one of my favorite places- Gordon's Grocery- in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday/Anniversary to this "mom and pop" two isle amazing store!  You really can get it all here- hostess gifts, fantastic meats, appetizers, seafood, Utz chips and snacks, fresh veggies and fruits.  They offer unique and special, staples and gourmet. It is presented well and all delivered with great service. Service that deserves to be honored.  They unite, connect and embrace this special community within a community. Whenever I visit I love to see John and Cynthia and always see someone I'm happy to connect with in town.

I have such fond memories - stopping by on my walk home from the Junior High School, getting suicide slushies (yes kids I did it too- my kids love to "mix" from the soda fountain at the Grill's Deli) going with my mom to pick out dinner for the night on the way home from the pool. Now it is a must-stop when I go home to Maryland.  It also is the must stop for my Mom when visiting me- she delivers chicken salad and spreads.  You know how I love cocktail hour- I REALLY love cocktail hour with Gordon's cheese ball.  I love how John and Cynthia know my kids even though they only connect with them once or twice a year.  I encourage you to read this article and be pleased family operations like this still exists!  Please join me in congratulating these hard working, service oriented folks.

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