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Thursday, January 23, 2014

HATSOFF! … special part of my life….

Since the first day we set foot on 1142 Newark-Granville Road we've been connected to The Works.  Encouragement by fun neighbors and figure eight connections we didn't know existed put us at the very first HATSOFF! in 2003- lucky us.  And since that first event and the 2nd one where I volunteered - my life on Newark-Granville Road has been enriched.   Of course The Works brings us together- but truly it is the people I've met and the relationships I've benefitted from that make The Works what it is- starting with Howard LeFevre, continuing with his family and all the volunteers and staff that are united to execute the mission and raise up our community.  Tonight the 7th HATSOFF officially launched with the volunteer meeting and I couldn't be more inspired, proud or pleased to be involved.  Everyone that spoke shared their feelings about The Works and why they volunteer- we're all on the same page.  Everyone that attended is ready to work on The Works behalf in a fun, creative, innovative, personal way to make HATSOFF! 2014 the best yet to keep our community strong and make it more vibrant and ready for the future using art, history and science together.  So many emailed and called and volunteered to help even though they couldn't join us tonight- they were with us in spirit.  Tonight is a very good night on Newark-Granville Road.

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