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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finding the Positives…even hard for me….making progress with the Sewer!

Many people think I'm always happy, always positive.  When I get stressed or sad I can be human and not be so positive.  I don't like to be like that, I understand that it is OK to feel frustration but it really doesn't help matters.  Today I was sad to see the big brown bump in my yard.  I had some work to do in the neighborhood (really awesome work* I must say) and got a glimpse of the progress on tapping into the sewer.  Instead of coming home- I went back to work- probably to avoid the bump.  But also to keep work moving forward. (I'm so glad I went back- great volunteer was in the building to help me move an exhibit and membership forward) and fun to keep progress moving with tasks like depositing payments!

So I ended work on a positive- it didn't start out that way- mistakes get made and I get sad and frustrated with myself and I'm not positive.  But the good shines through and a positive activity happens- like having lunch with amazing Park National Bank new employees and sharing what The Works is all about and experiencing philanthropy from a good person- I do have a great job- so then my mood switches to the positive.  I have a hard job but I do love it.  And ending on the positive was all the happier as I came home to Joe safely there from work trip to Nashville.  Sally jumping up and down telling me she made a mess in the basement and it was allowed!  I love that- it makes me smile.  I thought Joe and I would be cleaning out the cupboards in the basement so the plumbing for the sewer could be working on late tonight.  It was complete.  Clare was able to start dinner- pulled enchiladas made from New Years Eve Burrito Chicken from the freezer!  kids were happy post school and we all caught up around the table.

Tomorrow the septic gets its last pump and plumbing moved to the new system….keep your fingers crossed!! The blue piece sticking out of the yard is a marker to where the emergency shutoff box will be.  We are far from done but we're making progress in our life on Newark-Granville Road in more ways than one.  *By the way the awesome work I was able to be part of was an install meeting for a piece of glass sculpture.  I'm so impressed with what happens in The Works Glass studio. I've never been on an install and it was a privilege to see the artist, the art appreciator/acquires, the home where it will go, see all the math that goes into the install.  It was another positive moment in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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