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Thursday, January 30, 2014

we get by with a little help from our Friends!

I know you all are so interested in how Peter spent his no school day- did we send him with Clare, leave him at Denison, leave him home alone or did we have a "helper" again at work?  None of the above- the answer Peter loved best of all- friend time!  A dear friend heard the call for help and came to the rescue and the bonus is the friend of mine who helped me, has a son who is a friend to Peter too.  So Peter went to Math Counts- woo hoo! Then had some alone time, then joined his buddy for lunch at Subway, Xbox game time with some homework/ on-line home work in the mix. It was a great day for Peter.  I still feel for his teachers getting him back into routine.

Great day for Joe and me too- we were both productive at Work with big projects/ events.  Cocktails by the Fire is really coming together.  The Works staff meeting was inspiring and exciting.   Friends with preschoolers visited today and I really really enjoyed the time together. It took me back to our Mom and Me preschool/co-op playgroup days often spent at The Works too! A very productive and generous meeting at LMH about HATSOFF!  A rescheduled meeting with a school administrator who understood and apologized for the challenges the week presented.  Errands crossed off, Clare's game at Newark Catholic (really St. Francis- cool gym), dinner Day y Noche- LOVE the cucumber margaritas- and a call saying- all schools are open tomorrow-life is good on Newark-Granville Road and I have friends to thank for it!

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