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Monday, January 6, 2014

baby its cold outside….artic blast no school or work day…..

The temperature right now as I type is negative eight!  School was cancelled, work was cancelled and we embraced a stay at home day! We took the ornaments off the Christmas tree today, put away Christmas decorations,  pulled out Valentines and winter items.  We cleaned, updated photos and ordered the 2013 photo book from Shutterfly.  We did cold weather activities like blowing bubbles and watching them freeze and turning boiling water into snowy steam.  For me it was a slice of heaven on Newark-Granville Road. I've needed a day like this- I'm so grateful for the window given to me to make memories and share moments together- albeit very cold moments.  The walks with the dog were brisk and the mouse in the house discovered by Peter gave me the icks. We followed it into the printer, took the printer to the garage and placed him there-lots of straw there for him to bed down.  We had reading hour and then tv hour- I extended TV hour to 2 hours and I watched the first Downton Abbey episode and drank tea and ate biscuits.  Clare made her crock pot dinner (scheduled for Wed night) and we decorated the tree I don't want to take down without Joe (he is in Nashville for work) with snowflakes.  We had to google and watch u-tube video but the snowflakes look great.  Yes little scraps of paper all over the house.  I worry about those that are homeless or dealing with pipes. We'll pick up Grandma Shirley at the airport tomorrow and I'm sorry she has to come home to such a cold village.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is cozy and content and I'm counting my blessings and turning out the light.

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